Tino Oudesluijs

I am currently a PhD student on the Emerging Standards project at the University of Lausanne. I graduated from the Bachelor Celtic Languages and Culture in 2010 and with honours from the Research Master Medieval Studies in 2012 at Utrecht University. As part of my BA and MA I studied both the Celtic and English languages as well as medieval manuscripts. My foremost working experience with the latter was during an internship at the University library. After my masters I worked as a research assistant for the University of Amsterdam on a NWO project about the power of words in medieval Ireland.

My PhD in the Emerging Standards project is concerned with the development of the urban vernacular of Coventry in the period 1400 – 1700. For my research I shall transcribe and analyse various manuscripts from that period in order to examine what effect the urban vernacular of Coventry had on the origin and spread of formal written English.

As a former student of the Celtic languages as well as Old and Middle English I am tremendously interested in the history of language development – especially on the British Isles. This project not only allows me to work in that field of research but it also provides me with the opportunity to work with manuscripts again.