Tamara Peeters

I am no longer actively involved with the Emerging Standards project. I am currently working on my PhD project “Literary Markers of Late Fifteenth Century Propaganda” at Birmingham City University. Details can be found HERE.

Before starting my PhD, I did the Medieval track of the Research Master programme Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Utrecht University. My RMA thesis aimed at shedding light on the political discourse used during the Cousins’ War (1455-1485), and specifically in the writings of Sir John Fortescue. In 2012 I graduated with honours from the B.A. English Language and Culture at Utrecht University. My BA thesis was on the influx of French loanwords in English between 1350-1399.

In the Emerging Standards project my main focus was on language contact in Norwich in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Being native Dutch I was particularly interested in the ‘Strangers’ from the Low Countries that moved to Norwich during that period.

What I enjoyed most about working on this project is that we got to learn so many new skills, some more fun than others. Everyone in the team takes their work really seriously; at the same time, there was and is always time for a laugh (and copious amounts of chocolate) during the meetings.