Moragh Gordon

I am currently a PhD student on the Emerging Standards project (see my UU website). I received a BA degree in English language and Culture (2011) and a Master’s degree in linguistics (2012) from Utrecht University. Both my Bachelor and Master theses focused on historical sociolinguistic topics. During my Master I did an internship in corpus linguistics with a particular focus on historical data. After my graduation I stayed at Utrecht University as a research assistant, which allowed me to dive even further into the field of historical (socio)linguistics.

My PhD project is a sub-project of the Emerging Standards project and is concerned with the urban vernacular of Bristol during the period 1400-1700. Bristol was a very wealthy port and was important for cloth exports. The town also attracted many migrants. As Bristol had an important position in both national and international trade, it is likely that dialect and possibly language contact (Celtic) had an effect on the development of the Bristol vernacular.

What I love about this project is that it combines a number of topics/fields that I am interested in and that it allows me to learn more about them. The great thing is that as a team we share this enthusiasm, which makes us one happy bunch of geeks.