Anita Auer

I am Professor in English Linguistics at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and the principal investigator of the Emerging Standards project. My research interests include language variation and change, (socio-)historical linguistics, dialectology, corpus linguistics, historical stylistics, the interface between manuscript and print, and language standardisation, all of which are combined in this project. To find out more about my teaching and research/publications click on this link.

In the Emerging Standards project I am currently focusing on the development of the urban vernacular of the city of York in the period c. 1400-1700. York (via Hull), which was considered one of the primary ports in England in the later Middle Ages, was an important centre for the military, church and administration, and was very successful in regional and overseas trade. Apart from investigating the development of the York urban vernacular and the (external and internal) factors that played a role therein, I am hoping to illuminate the complex processes that are involved in the emergence and development of Standard English.

Working with the Emerging Standards project team is great as we all love digging into data (and into chocolate boxes).